Saturday, May 9, 2015

Such. A. Long. Day.

We signed the papers so that Erin's death certificate would get sent to us and got them faxed in.

I texted with Kassy through the morning, she had told me yesterday that we could bring Bella (Erin's dog) home with us, so we decided it would be better to take my XTerra instead of Troy's Tracer. She's broken, missing Erin, shell-shocked like we are. She went home to Las Vegas to be with her mom & family after the funeral home picked Erin's body up.

We went home & loaded the dog into the car along with our bags, gassed up the car & left in the rain at around 2pm.  I think we stopped for food a couple of hours later, I know neither of us were hungry, but we knew we needed to eat. We encountered all four seasons in about 6 hours.. snow, rain, frozen fog, wind, sunshine.. it was a harrowing, exhausting drive, made worse for knowing the reason & feeling like we couldn't get there soon enough.

We finally made it to Mark & Sarah's near midnight. We talked, we cried, some of us drank. It was good to be back among the people who know us the best & missed him like we did. There was one person there who did think they knew exactly how I felt, that I was in "zombie-mode," but I wasn't really. I was still in shock, still numb & absolutely exhausted  in every possible way. I hadn't slept a full night for a couple of weeks, and I had done this trip on about 3 hours of sleep, so yeah.

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