Monday, May 11, 2015

Homeward Bound

We left the memorial, met at Denny's for food & then we went & picked up our things, unloaded Erin's things from our car into Dawn's so she could store them for us until  August & then we grabbed the dogs & headed home. We agreed that if either of us was too tired, we'd get a hotel for a few hours and then start again. We just really needed to leave, being in Cedar, where everything & everywhere reminds us of Erin was too much for us.

We drove until we got to Salina, Utah & we were both really tired. The first hotel, the guy comes out, sees the dogs barking at him in the car, smirks at me & goes into the lobby, turning the "vacancy" sign around to "no vacancy" before he even spoke to Troy & then turned back towards the window to smirk at me again.   The next one? The guy got angry because we woke him up & then offered to rent us a room for twice the price because of the dogs. I wasn't going to pay $120+ for about 3-4 hours. We eventually drove far enough that we couldn't go any further, I was near tears, exhausted & afraid to fall asleep, knowing if I did, Troy would, too & we'd die out there in the desert, so we found a rest area & pulled over to sleep in the car. It was uncomfortable, but we got some rest & that was all that mattered to us at that point.

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