Friday, May 15, 2015

One Week Down - A Lifetime to Go

It's been a week, a week of knowing I only have two kids left. A week of wondering if there was anything I could have said in that last text conversation we had or if there was something you said that I should have picked up on. A week that changed everything I am or will ever be again. You have made your presence known to a lot of people in that week, from the minute you moved on, probably to now. We all appreciate & treasure each passing encounter with you - we all take time to share them with each other.

Things aren't "easier," I doubt it well ever be "easy" in any way, but it isn't all-encompassing, at least not today. I ate breakfast without being reminded, I was actually hungry at lunchtime, which hasn't happened since that day.

Your sister is okay. If she isn't, she's putting on a good front. She was, of course, worried about how dad & I are handling you being gone, but all of you kids always worried more about us and each other than you did yourselves.

Dani misses her "best friend" and wonders why the doctor can't make you better & send you back.

We all miss you. 

Keri got this football helmet helmet from a machine on their trip to Tulsa - the weird thing (other than it being your team) is that it was in a Marvel String Doll machine, not a mini helmet machine.

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