Monday, August 17, 2015

To Morgan, Chris & Jodee

I kept your names out of here. I vented my frustration with you in the only place I can freely speak my mind. If I can't do it here without repercussions from you, where can I? To my husband who has regular panic attacks since his son died & is devastated on the inside? To a stranger on the street? I have no friends here. There is no one to vent to. This is my blog, it belongs to me. 

I post about my grief over MY SON dying without any warning. I post what I'm feeling so I don't get up one if these days & blow my fucking brains out. I'm sorry if my feelings offend you. I'm sorry that I'm not on your side in this situation. I'm not the one destroying friendships over a fucking tattoo. You guys are doing that. If you don't like what you read here, it's pretty easy, don't read it. Grow up, walk away & stop reading it. I know it's hard to be enough of an adult to actually tell people when you're upset, and they it's easier to unfriend someone or block them. I'll be removing any of you who are in groups that I admin & then I'll unfriend & block Jodee, too. If I'm not good enough to be your friend, you won't be spying on me, either. Fuck off.

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