Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Back Home

I really didn't have time to write much while we were gone, it seemed the only time I wasn't busy, I was in bed. Our tattoo is beautiful, Erin, you'd have approved of it. Jön did an amazing job of capturing what I was going for with it. Dawn's tattoo was even more you - it made several of your friends tear up. I have a pretty strong feeling you know all of this, though, I felt you pretty strongly while we were there and I'm not the only one.

Your funeral rites were everything I hoped they would be. Several of your friends were there, everyone spoke about you & I think it was the closure & beginning of healing that everyone needed. There was a lot of energy in the circle that night & a whole lot of love. Whatever else you may have been in your life, Erin, you were loved by so many people.

Your sis didn't come back with us like she planned & while I'm disappointed, I understand that she wasn't ready & it's ok. Hopefully, we have plenty of time left together, but as I learned with you, you just never know.

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