Thursday, August 20, 2015

Still Unreal

Some days it's still almost impossible for me to believe that you're gone. Today, I watching a video of a dog that knew how to climb down a ladder (and presumably up one, too) & my first thought was to post it to your Facebook & tell you it was the next trick you need to teach Bella. I actually started to & then reality stuck it's nasty nose in there & reminded me that if she was going to learn anything new, it was gonna be me that taught her. I hate it. It does me no good to stomp my feet & insist it isn't fair & that I want you back, everyone knows it isn't fair & none of us can change it.

Sadly, though, I'm seeing some of the relationships that your death helped heal falling apart again. Enough time has passed for true natures & old feelings & resentments to start to come back. Some that weren't damaged before are now, because life is a messed up, crazy ride & sometimes people are just unhappy with who they're sitting with. I guess, in the end, everything will be the way it's meant to be, good or bad.

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