Saturday, June 27, 2015


I spent the afternoon today getting your collage of pictures ready to frame & hang. I put everything on the cork board the way I thought it should be, then it didn't fit in the frame. So, I had to pry out all of the tacks without damaging the pictures and figure out what to do.

I mounted them all on cardboard & then framed it all. It turned out nice, but I want to put a banner on it with your name & dates on the frame. So. Now I have a cork board to use for things that remind me of you or that I find that were yours.

It's so hard & sad to narrow someone's life down to a few pictures & figure out which ones are the most precious when they all are, because there won't be any more pictures. Ever. I never understood how final that really is. I spent your life documenting everything with the camera, and now it's over. 

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