Thursday, June 11, 2015

Just Another Day in Paradise

Not feeling well today. It seems the more sleep I get, the shittier I feel. I've had a headache all day & I'm super tired. We didn't get anything done that we had planned, then it rained. So.. Sitting around, binge-watching Blue Bloods with your Dad, crying every time someone's kid dies, or a kid is sweet to a parent. Fun times.

We'll have insurance on July 1, it's not costing us an arm & a leg, surprisingly. Hopefully going to the doctor won't either, I definitely need to get my medication going again. Some relief from the depression would be such a blessing right now.

Your sister is okay. She isn't great, but she's getting by, doing her time & waiting to get out.

Sometimes it feels like people think I'm crazy because I believe you're still around, that there are too many things that happen for it to be coincidence, I don't care anymore. I do think you're here. I know you didn't want to hurt any of us. I know you wish we weren't hurting & missing you, and I know you would, if it was within your power, do whatever you could to show us all that you aren't gone. Not really.

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