Thursday, July 16, 2015

Reflection & a Little Anger

Gage died on Tuesday afternoon. 

He was an organ donor, so his parents get a little relief knowing that part of him lives on. Erin was an organ donor, too, but people who die at home in their beds don't get to donate. 

Gage was an awesome guy who worked with Special Olympics & was going to be a psychologist and was kind and loving and great with a smile that lit up the room & there have been at least two news articles about him so far. Erin was an awesome guy who cared about people, the homeless, animals and changing the world, but people who die at home in their beds & are still working through their addictions & problems in life don't get articles written about them.

Gage was a great athlete, who knew what sportsmanship was all about. Erin was an amazing foam fighter (and if you don't think that takes athleticism, then you've never done it) and had amazing honor. He was always striving to help people become better, safer fighters & to feel good about their own abilities.

It hurts me that who Erin was & all of the great things he did are getting lost. So, I will remember what a light he was in my life, how his smile lit up my world, how he could always make me laugh, even when he was trying to aggravate me & I will never stop dreaming about what he could have done with his life if he had been given enough time in his life to do it.

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