Saturday, July 11, 2015

Bella & the Birds

Bella loves it here, she gets to have pigeons any time she wants to, since a bunch of them roost on the house next door & then come swooping down into our yard. She races over to them, barking, with her hackles up, ready to defend her yard from the interlopers. It's quite hilarious. She's taken to chasing all of the birds she sees in the fence away, too. She wants the world to know that this is Bella & Tiny's yard!

She was very nervous during the fireworks (that seem to have gone on for two weeks or more, at least in our neighborhood) this year. There were a lot of firecrackers & we know she hates those & everyone seems to have been lighting something that exploded. We're still getting the occasional *bang* a week later, but it's easy to calm her down. Tiny on the other hand? I had to rearrange the living room twice just to keep her from hurting herself. Now, when. Thunderstorm starts, I just give her a Benadryl & she calms down. (I hadn't thought about doing that during the fireworks)

She's doing much better. Her tail has healed, she isn't quite as clingy, she rarely whines for you, but she still does. She goes to the front door & waits. Sometimes she still looks very sad & lost. Like all of us, she will never stop missing you, she just doesn't know you won't be back, so at least she had hope that you will.

Sometimes when I'm very sad, the smell of roses appears on the wind, there aren't any nearby. I often wonder if it's you, trying to comfort me. If so, it does.

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