Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Not Another..

We got the bad news last night. The lightning strike was considered a global strike & Gage has suffered 95% brain loss. His parents now are faced with making a terrible decision - keep hoping & praying, or let him go. We haven't heard anything today, we are waiting & wondering what to do, knowing that there is nothing that can ease their pain & sense of loss. Your dad & I are heartbroken to see another member of our family passing much too soon. I hurt for his siblings, like I hurt for yours, all of them should have been allowed to grow old with the two of you. 

I'm done. Finished losing the young people in our family. Finished hurting this much all the time & waiting for the next devastating phone call. I can't keep piling pain on top on pain. It's too much. It's too exhausting. It's too heartbreaking.

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