Saturday, November 17, 2012

Saturday Six: November 17, 2012

Join us!

1. K is for KAKISTOCRACY: Which president would you rate as the worst in history? Honestly, they’ve all done about the same. Those we deem as “bad presidents” pretty much just managed to get caught while the “good” ones didn’t.
2. K is for KARAOKE: If you had to sing a song in a Karaoke tournament, which song would you choose? Don’t Stop Believing by Journey or something by Green Day.
3. K is for KETCHUP: Which condiment do you use the most? Ketchup or Frank’s Red Hot.
4. K is for KEY: What does the oldest key you own open? My XTerra.
5. K is for KITCHEN: What would you most like to change about your kitchen? More storage, more drawers & better use of counter space.
6. K is for KNOWLEDGE: Which single school subject has served you the best in your adult life? The one I hated the most – math.

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